Plant Deer Resistant and Cold Tolerant Dianthus

Combining the cold hardiness of Sweet William with the prolific blooms of China Pink, the Dianthus Floral Lace Hybrid blooms spring and fall atop its compact, evergreen mound.
When summer blooms have past, welcome butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden with the lightly scented, serrated flowers.
The Dianthus Floral Lace prefers sun to part shade, light water, and well-drained soil. Spaced 9″ apart Floral Lace performs nicely as a border, in beds, or a groundcover. Floral Lace also feels at home in rock gardens and containers.
Deer resistant and cold hardy, the Dianthus Floral Lace holds its own all year long.
The Dianthus Floral Lace not only adds pleasure to your garden, but is easily separated and shared with fellow gardeners!
It’s best to purchase the Dianthus Floral Lace in early spring or fall for the best blooming shows! You can find Pearl, White, Violet, Crimson, and Light Pink Dianthus Floral Lace at Mr. Johnny’s Garden Shop!