Color Your Winter with Pansies and Violas


It’s time to Pansy Up!

Add low maintenance blooms from fall to spring to your garden with super colorful pansies and violas. Once established (after 3 weeks of tending) pansies and violas pretty much take care of themselves on through winter and well into spring. You’ll hate pulling them up to start your spring and summer annuals!

Pansies and violas perform best in full sun to part shade. Although usually planted as annuals, pansies and violas perform decently as perennials if they can make it through the summer heat. For maximum growth on into the spring “heat” make sure your pansies and violas are protected from the hot evening sun. For winter protection be sure to mulch.

If you like big blooms, pansies are the way to go. If you like LOTS of blooms, go with violas. However, either way you choose, you’ll be rewarded with abundant color from now until you get spring fever next year!

As for propagation, Johnny Jump-Ups are best known for self seeding and “jumping up” in your garden year after year. You can save seeds from violas and pansies, but be sure to seed early (at least a month or so before you see them at your garden center) so that you won’t just have tiny seedlings when everyone else’s garden is boasting with color picked up from their garden center.

What about all the different varieties of pansies and violas? Well, we’ve got quite a few in stock now you can plant in your garden this year. Let me give you the run down!

We have the ColorMax Viola and Sorbet Viola. ColorMax is heat tolerant and produces showy 1″ blooms. Sorbet is the bloomer of bloomers in the viola and pansy world and comes in lots of colors. In addition, Sorbet overwinters easily.

As for pansies, we have Panola, Matrix, Majestic Giants II, Imperial, Delta, and Grandio. Panola is best known for its ability to handle varying weather conditions, ability to overwinter, and compact, low-stretch growing habit. Matrix branches excellently without stretching (you may be more familiar with the term “flopping” here). Majestic Giants II, as their name indicates, produce giant 3 1/2″ blooms, the biggest of all the pansy series. Imperial Pansies bloom in 2 1/2″ antique shades from apricot to rose. Delta pansies have a short, stout growth habit which leads to standing, instead of flopping, blooms. And last but not least, Grandio blotched and clear pansies grow uniformly making mixing beautiful and simple.

No matter which pansy or viola series your plant, you will be rewarded with lots of vibrant color from now on into spring! Spring and summer isn’t the only time color abounds. You can grab up cups of color for just $1.25 a cup and hold onto that color for months to come, six months to be sure! Talk about BANG for your buck, this is it!